Community Mural Project
We have now applied for the mural permit and were successful.  Reg has handled the coordinating of the mural with respect to the school (Elisabeth Wynwood School) and the Arts group (Ottawa Urban Arts- Mike and Cassandra) involved coming up with a mural.  He presented some memos to pass around to give further information about the     program and he had some copies of some of the art work that has been done before.  The funding was approved a couple of weeks ago and since then Reg has met with the students and the artists. The artists and the students have provided a preliminary concept ready and the design image is below:

Reg is always looking for help with the graffiti issue.  The lead teacher, Christian and the artists explained the design process and that there are 2 parts to the project- the class component and the community/ neighbourhood space.  Presently, the imagery is being developed and that there will be a review process in place to attempt to address everyone’s concerns.  The design has a lot of colour and movement- always colourful and has a good feeling behind it.  It is meant to draw people out of their homes and enjoy the space more.  The artists guarantee the mural for 3 years and will come on their time to maintain and clean it if required.  The participating students range in age from 16 to 19.

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